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Picking up the pieces, and making good! - cyber_child's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rob, Bob Mr. Bob.

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Picking up the pieces, and making good! [Oct. 29th, 2003|11:07 pm]
Rob, Bob Mr. Bob.
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[modulations |Covenant - Northen Light]

Well today went infinitely better than yesterday. Arrived a whole hour ahead of schedule which meant I had time to eat, and familiarise myself with the equipment.

That half an hour has helped me immensly. I can now cope with virtually any cock-up quickly and efficiently, often without Neil or the producer even being aware of things. I know this, because there were cock-ups today, that I dealt with.

At one point, towards the end of a session, the conductor rattled off about 20 takes in the space of a few minutes. Pretty mad going. Neil turned to me and said, with a rather unhopeful look on his face, 'did you get all that?'. I was able to reply with a very smug and glowing, 'yes'.
At some points in the session I knew where we were, in terms of takes, better than Neil and almost the producer i.e. the person calling the takes!

Incidentally, thanks to those that replied to my previous post. Wise words indeed, unfortunately my age does show at times and I'm unable to see things as the bigger picture. *hugs* to you all.

Journey home was interesting. On the tube some scruffy tramp got on the train and started busking (badly) followed by a round of 'spare any change please guv?' to all in the carriage.
Thankfully I had my Sennheiser HD25 'dogs bollocks' head-phones on which cut out virtually all external noises. An added humour was aided by Covenenant's 'Invisible and Silent' coming on my CD player as the guy started busking. Life, it seems, is not entirely humourless!

Bizzarely, bumped into kuchisake_onna coming out of the tube exit, as she'd been to a tiny theatre around the corner from King's Cross. Not seen her since the Rubber Ball weekend, and it's always a pleasure!

So. The outcome of the last 24 hours is positive. Before long I'll feel confident enough to take on more responsibilities, and with it, more credit.
I have to take into account how relatively young I am. Neil has been in the industry since the early 80's. I.e. almost as long as I've been on this planet! But is he 20X as capable? 4X probably (cocky mode on).
So, that means I've gotta wait 'til 2008 until I get my Grammy :) He he!

Thanks again guys. You rock.

[User Picture]From: alighieri
2003-10-29 11:26 pm (UTC)
Always nice to see the positive boba shining through.
Keep it up buddy!
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