Keyboard player required - Inertia

After 8 years in Inertia, Andrew Trail will play his last gig with the band on the 28th of May at Camden's famous 'Underworld' venue.

Andrew has provided a very unique sound to Inertia these last years.
As well as being a great live musician, Andrew has assisted in Inertia's studio output, most notably on the band's latest release 'Inertia'.

Andrew is leaving to concentrate on his project, 'Knifeladder', with which we offer him our total support and best wishes.

We are therefore, faced with the difficult task of finding a new keyboard player!

What we're looking for:

Male or Female
Ability to actually PLAY keyboards (Inertia never has, and never will mime a live show)!
A great stage presence/image
Understanding of melody as well as 'Industrial' textures
The ability and desire to commit to live shows, touring and recording
Have their own professional level equipment

Inertia is a London based band, hence any potential keyboard player should live nearby, or be prepared and willing to travel to London for gigs, rehearsals, recording etc.

We're looking to fill the slot with some sense of urgency.
If you're interested or know someone who is, please leave a comment here or send an e-mail to bob(at)astromusic(dot)co(dot)uk

Please feel free to copy and paste this around your journals, MySpace etc. Post left open and public if you wish to link to it.
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Synth for Sale!

My 1981 Korg MonoPoly is currently on e-bay up for grabs! Drop me a line if you're interested!

Buy my Vintage Synth!

Feel free to cross-post or link this if you know anyone who might be interested. Left this post public so all can view.
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Casualty on the road...... new V-Kit

Well, the first leg of the tour has been fun! Certainly enjoying myself!

Unfortunately, my V-kit has finally thrown in the towel at all the gigging and hard-work it's been put to.
Something like 100+ gigs (yes really), rehearsals, two music videos and all the transportation and accidents along the way have taken their toll.

At our Kings Cross gig, my cymbal triggers began to fail, and I had one PD pad fail on one edge completely.
Despite me stripping the pads in an attempt to fix them, they are simply unfixable, completely and utterly worn out.

On top of this, the drum brain is battered with a VERY wobbly volume pot, and the connector for my kick trigger is currently gaffered to the side of the trigger!

Enough, really IS enough.

Reluctantly, in order to raise the money for a new kit I will be putting two of my guitars up for sale in the coming weeks. A transparent blueGibson Les Paul DC, exactly like this:

also my Ibanez RG7620 7 string exactly like this:

It's going to be really tough to see these guitars go, and unfortunately , as I don't play them that often, and as I'm a full-time drummer now, they have to go.

Neither of them have seen much use, and bar one chip on the Ibanez, both are in essentially 'as new condition'.

I'm asking for offers around £875 for the Les Paul DC, and around £650 for the Ibanez

If you know anyone who might be interested in these guitars, please pass this on, Thanks.
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This is SERIOUSLY hilarious!!!

Looks like someone has hacked the google website.

Go to google dot com and type in "weapons of mass destruction", then hit 'I'm feeling lucky' instead of search.

Read the error message carefully and laugh your ass off!

Brought to my attention by my mate Mark Latham from Stoke.
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Time to sort the friends list.+Daily updates

Okay. Time to be a little ruthless.....

Had a look at my friends list yesterday and it's ridiculously huge. I mean RIDICULOUSLY huge.

I have also decided to make my journal 'friends only', for a few reasons:
An embarrasing incident invloving an old freind's mum reading my LJ (not good).
Constant bitching about work (which could get me fired if found out).
And, bluntly, only friends being able to read my personal musings.

I'll make the journal friends only next Monday, tied in with sorting out my friends list. Whilst there will be obvious people who remain on forever I'd appreciate it if you could leave a comment if you'd like to stay listed.

Hope you all understand and that it's nothing personal. There's just not enough time in the world!

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What the hell?!

Today has been like viewing my life from afar. Very strange.

Woke up this morning (dur dur dur dah dah) feeling quite ill. Thick head and a chesty cough. Ordinarily I'd have got out of bed anyway and got ready for work. Some how though I just felt too damn ill, despite not felling archetypally ill. Most strange.

So. Called work, told Neil I couldn't make it in (God I hate calling in ill, I fell like such a skiver) and promptly went back to sleep. Was woken (briefly) by a phone call telling me my medication was in at the Chemists and promptly went back to sleep (again).

At 4:55PM (yes, really) I awoke to realise the entire day had passed me by. This made me feel quite a lot better as I was clearly suffering from something other-wise I just wouldn't have slept for that long. I'm generally not a sleeper, unless I've been deprived of it, and I'd got bed at a reasonable time the night before. Weird. Just Weird.

Had a wonderful thing happen today. Saw the Pavarotti Album 'Ti Adoro' for sale in Sainsbury's. This is the album I had a hand in (Pro-Tools engineer, surround sound mixes). Ironically my parents, nor myself will be able to hear the sork I did on the album, as one needs an SACD copy of the album, plus associated 5.1 setup to hear the mixes.
Non the less, It feels fantatstic to have a hand in something tangible and non-esoteric, a house-hold name no less.

Do I now have a kick-ass CV or what!
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Birthday Plans

Okay guys. Courtesy of an Elektrowerkz mailing I've just decided what I'd like to do in terms of Birthday plans:

My birthday is on December 20th. The previous day, Friday the 19th sees a 3 floor electronic music extravaganza at Elektrowerkz, with a floor being hosted by the Aphex Twin (ooooh! Yay!). Also in attendance (amongst many others) are u-Ziq whom I understand are rather good.

I do believe the e-mail in that this event will sell out fast. It's early days I know but if i can get some numbers together I may be able to get some tickets reserved. Safest bet though will be to call up and book yo' selves.

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So. Just in case you momentarily forgot, who's joining me on the 19th for a night of IDM fun 'n' frolicks? Eh? Eh?
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Work, and old amplifiers.

Hmmm, been a realtively update free week that.

Well, despite the appaling start to the week, the rest of the sessions went very well. God knows what happened to me, but I went on session on Tuesday and suddenly seemeed to be 'The King Of Machines'. Almost as if I'd had some Matrix-style knowledge download. Sweet. This I feel has impressed Neil and John. Which is a good thing.
Additionally, they've just fired the secretary. After her first week. Because she was a bint and took blatently unauthorised time off. Reckon they now realise how committed I am and that not everyone of my age makes the sacrifices I have for them. So there.

Halloween partying didn't happen sadly, as I was working last night. Shame, as it;s a good opportunity to dig out the Goth tat one used to wear and remind oneself how dreadful one used to look! Amusing.

In Tottenham Court Road/Leicester square area at the moment. Came to buy some guitar strings and also was lured by a vintage WEM guitar amp for seemingly silly money. Was very much hoping that due to its vintage it would be a lovely low wattage valve amp I could drive mercilissly into distortion and maybe modify for some additional gain. As it happens they had two, but were unfortunately Solid State amplifiers. Which almost always sound like crap for guitar, especially when they are of that particular vintage (god I'm a geek). Meh.

Anyhow. Worked up a particularly grunty hunger, so am off to find some sustenance.

Oh, also had my hair cut. Grade 1 back 'n' sides, spiky on top. Nice.

Must. Use. Longer. Sentences. Yes.
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